How A Brand Manager Decides on Product Packaging?


What is included in product packaging? There are many factors that go into the design of a product packaging. One aspect is the branding and marketing of the product or company name through packaging. For that, most companies assign the task to brand managers. At the time of deciding on the packaging of a product, not only should the quality and scientific norms be followed, but also understand the options which will make the packaging a vehicle for promotion and marketing of the brand or company name.
Working with the product managers
The product managers who are involved in understanding the specifications of a product and the kind of packaging that is required to sustain its functions are usually consulted by brand or marketing managers. Usually there are several ways of packaging a product to ensure that its functionality is preserved. However, from the perspective of branding, brand managers will find a certain packaging option to be ideal for promoting the product, differentiating it from other products and so forth. The letterpress printing methods are employed accordingly as per the inputs of the brand manager.
Understanding quality norms
There are certain advantages and disadvantages that come from a certain way of packaging a product. For instance, if you package a soap in a box, it takes up more space. However, there is more material on which promotions can be done about the product and choose the right colors and effects as well. On the other hand, quality norms might dictate that the product be sealed in a different way in order to ensure that the product has a greater and a qualitative shelf life. In these cases, the brand manager has to work around the solutions available like letterpress printing and make the best of the right packaging style.
Considering cost effects
When a product is being designed for packaging, the options that are available to a company need to be weighed as per the cost considerations as well. In general, the product’s functionality and preservation of the same as well as increasing shelf life and more space in warehouses and inventory spaces will be given more consideration at the time of deciding on the packaging. Once these details are considered, the brand manager can work around the final solution and make the most of the packaging form decided. The cost effects for branding and printing the packaging will also matter.
Creating an impactful design
Once the above points are considered to conclude on the kind of packaging that would be ideal and feasible for a product, a brand manager needs to work with a creative team in order to come up with a unique and innovative design for the packaging. The colors, fonts and the text that is printed will matter in creating an impact on the minds of the customers.