Setting Up A 3D Printing Business

3D printing is a relatively new type of technology that is rapidly increasing in popularity. If you’re a technology geek and want to set up your own business providing 3D printing, there are many different options.

Personalised models

3D modelling and personalised 3D printing services are a novelty product that is being introduced into the market of gifts and novelty items. Using software, 3D rendering services and a specially designed 3D scanner, you will be able to create a design of real life people that you can then use a 3D printer to create a small, lifelike model of themselves. It is becoming a popular option for gift ideas, with many customers choosing Sliced 3D to create 3D models of themselves or their children so that they have something to remember the moment by in years to come. People with kids are usually very attracted to the idea, as it means that they can have something more than just photographs to remember what their children looked like when they were young.

Automobile manufacturing

It is becoming increasingly possible to create full functional car and car engine parts using 3D printing services, and some people have even managed to 3D print an entire car. If you have a 3D printer and the necessary skill and materials, it’s very possible to start a business manufacturing and selling car parts. You could sell these privately to independent car owners, or you could even sell your products and ideas to major automobile manufacturing and product design companies.

Medical field

If you have a background in medicine and want to begin a 3D printing business related to the medical industry, there are a lot of options for the products that you can design, create and sell. 3D printed prosthetic limbs are an excellent medical product that you could consider selling, and you could even try to obtain funding or support from institutions such as the Army or large hospitals. People in need of new limbs usually will have to go through a lengthy process to receive a suitable prosthetic limb, therefore the use of 3D printing will be able to speed this process up and also create prosthetics that are custom designed to fit the patient perfectly.

Everyday items

If you’re thinking of selling items such as phone or tablet cases that are popular with customers and cheap to make and sell, you could also incorporate 3D printing into your business. Since the technology is relatively new, customers will find that purchasing a 3D printed case for their tablet or phone, along with other everyday 3D printed products, a novelty idea that they may be willing to pay more for.